North Launceston Picks up a Life Saver

NORTH Launceston Football Club hopes it never has to use its latest $2500 addition.

The club applied for its new subsidised defibrillator through the Australian Red Cross's national Project Defib program last year and recently had it installed behind the club's Aurora Stadium Function Centre bar.

The defibrillator is there in case of emergencies and will be brought out on match days by the club's trainers, will be accessible for people attending functions and for people in need nearby.

Club general manager Rob Donnelly said it was simple to use and talked you through how to use it.

"We never want to use it, that's the aim, but it's there to look after the players if something happens," Mr Donnelly said.

A red automated external defibrillator sign has been placed on the bottom door to the function centre to let people know it is there to be used.

"We don't care who uses it, if it can save a life," Mr Donnelly said.

The Red Cross called on sporting organisations across the country to buy a subsidised defibrillator last year after "frightening" sudden cardiac arrest statistics were released.

The statistics revealed that every year 33,000 Australians suffered from sudden cardiac arrest, of which only 5 per cent survive.

Research has proved the survival rate can be dramatically improved if a defibrillator is applied within minutes of an arrest.