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Saving Lives with Award-Winning
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Lifeline View, Pro & ECG AEDs

The first and only AED defibrillators with a full colour interactive display that shows step-by-step videos for performing CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation. There’s nothing else like it.

Lifeline Semi AED

The original Award Winning Defibtech AED, the Lifeline Semi Automatic is easy to use with 2 buttons, clear voice promts and the only 7 year battery available in the world.

Lifeline Auto AED

The Award Winning Defibtech AED, the Lifeline Fully Automatic is simple to use with 1 button and the only 7 year battery available in the world.

Defibrillator (AED), Semi & Fully Automatic External Defibrillators

Recent Lives Saved
with early defibrillation

Following are just a few examples of people throughout the world who owe their lives to Defibtech Lifeline and ReviveR AEDs and the quick thinking people who used them.

Anytime fitness Adelaide

Quick thinking and action by a member and the centre manager helped save a man’s life at Adelaide Anytime fitness gym. A 39 year old man, unaware of his heart condition passed out while on a leg extension machine recently. A member close by quickly called out to Jess Trout the centre’s manager to call 000 and then started performing CPR. Jesse then grabbed the Defibtech lifeline defibrillator and applied it straight away. The defibrillator analysed the victim’s heart and detected a shockable rhythm where then a shock was delivered. After one shock that was delivered within 3 ½ minutes the victim reverted to a normal rhythm. He was then taken to hospital where he discovered he had suffered a major heart attack which lead to the cardiac arrest. After 7 days in hospital the victim is on his way to recovery. Another positive outcome with the use of a Defibtech Lifeline defibrillator. We would like to commend Jesse Trout and the member, who performed this life saving rescue. Well done!

Crescent Head Holiday park

A second life saved using the same Defibtech defibrillator donated to the Crescent Head Holiday park. A 65 year old man was competing in a surfing competition and collapsed after his heat. A Malibu Club member quickly performed CPR while another retrieved the Defibtech Lifeline unit from the Holiday park. A shock was delivered and the man was taken to John Hunter hospital where he underwent surgery.

Anytime fitness Pymble

pymble survivor

Anytime fitness Pymble had a life saved thanks to two members. In the early hours of the morning when not many people were in the gym a man in his late 50s collapsed while running on the treadmill. At first no one was around and then a member noticed the victim lying unconscious and quickly attended to him. Another member then called 000 and grabbed the Defibtech defibrillator. Three shocks were delivered to the victim where he reverted to normal sinus rhythm on the third. An ambulance arrived within 12 minutes and the victim left the gym in a conscious state. A fantastic effort from the two members at the gym who helped save this man’s life.

North Launceston picks up a Life Saver

north launceston picks up life saver with defibtech defibrillator

NORTH Launceston Football Club hopes it never has to use its latest $2500 addition.

The club applied for its new subsidised defibrillator through the Australian Red Cross's national Project Defib program last year and recently had it installed behind the club's Aurora Stadium Function Centre bar.

The defibrillator is there in case of emergencies and will be brought out on match days by the club's trainers, will be accessible for people attending functions and for people in need nearby.

Full Story visit the The Examiner

Bring Client back from near Death

personal trainer saves heart attack with defibtech defibrillator

Personal trainer Travis Roche had to put his first aid skills to the ultimate test when a client went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. "As I got closer I noticed bleeding from his head and it was obvious he had hit his head as he had fallen," Mr Roche said yesterday.

"He seemed unconscious but there was some movement in his legs and he seemed to be gasping for breath. I tried to get a response from him, but he didn't respond. It was then I realised that something serious was wrong and I guess that's where my first aid training kicked in."

Full Story visit the Illawarra Mercury

Defibtech for Freshwater Community

lj hooker freshwater defibrillator purchase

LJ Hooker Freshwater are advertising the new purchase of a Defibtech Defibrillator by Bendigo Community Bank for the local community. A fantastic initiative that could have lifesaving benefits.

Whittlesea mum's heartfelt campaign

whittlesea mums heartfelt campaign for defibtech defibrillator

A WHITTLESEA mother is on a mission to save local lives after the sudden cardiac arrest and tragic death of her four-year-old son. Kim Ferguson has successfully campaigned for six defibrillators to be introduced to the township, including at the Whittlesea Primary School and Whittlesea Tennis Club.

Four years ago her son Benny went into sudden cardiac arrest and died before an ambulance arrived. "There was no warning," Ms Ferguson said. "One minute he was sitting up talking to me when he woke from his sleep. When I went back a couple of minutes later I found him unconscious in his room."

The Fergusons discovered he suffered Long QT syndrome, a genetic condition caused by a fault in the electrical system of the heart, which can lead to sudden death. Ms Ferguson has the syndrome, her eldest son, Zack, has an implant monitoring his heart and, along with his siblings Luke, 5, and Angel, 2, is tested every three months.

She said each year 33,000 Australians suffered a cardiac arrest, but that survival rates jumped from 5 to 70 per cent when a defibrillator was available. After successfully campaigning for the equipment at Whittlesea Primary School and Whittlesea Football Club, Ms Ferguson approached Rotary, Lions and bowls clubs to help fund defibrillators for sports clubs and wants defibrillators to be mandatory at all schools. "If Benny's memory can live on saving other peoples lives, that makes me smile," Ms Ferguson said. "It is because of Benny that this community will now be a safer place."

Full Story visit the Whittlesea Leader

Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Workplace

We had a truck driver on site who collapsed and required immediate and emergency treatment. We administered first aid, which included the use of our Defibtech defibrillator which in the end made a huge difference to the recovery of the patient Ethan. A number of people across the site have been asking after Ethan’s recovery so I thought I would send out a quick note. Ethan had been in an induced coma and came out of this earlier this week. Darryn and Steve Gross visited Ethan yesterday, and were pleased to report back that Ethan is being discharged from hospital and able to return home. He will most likely need to wear an mini automatic defibrillator, he was very much appreciative of the Team at Huntingwood, and what was done for him. His Mother and Ethan’s younger brother were there and said..." and again could not give enough thanks for what was done for Ethan, his mum Kate said Ethan is the eldest of 7, and could not image life without him.”

There is nothing better than making a difference to someone’s life. Well done again to Steve and Darryn and all those that supported. The picture says it all...

cardiac arrest news

Energize Health Club, NSW

In 2011, a 45 year old man collapsed at the Energize Health Club Fitness Centre. The Defibtech Lifeline AED was retrieved and a shock was administered. He was conscious when the ambulance arrived and has since made a full recovery. Without the use of the AED, the chance of survival drops to less than 7%.

"We are very pleased to be in the position to save a guests life by having immediate access to a Defibtech Defibrillator. It is a tremendous outcome for not only the guest but for all of our staff, members and future members as it is evident that we take our duty of care extremely seriously. The Defibtech unit was simple to use and the support provided by Defibtech has been exceptional"

Donated Defibtech defib saves a life within hours

donated defibtech defib saves a life within hours

A Defibrillator donated to the Crescent Head Holiday Park on Friday was put to use just two hours later to save a man’s life. The man in his 50s, who was visiting the area, suffered a heart attack while surfing at the Crescent Head point just before 11am on Friday. The man was dragged from the surf by two local men who cut the man’s wetsuit off before one of them began cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man.

A female bystander then raced over to the Crescent Head holiday park reception and asked for the defibrillator. Two nurses who were out surfing came in to assist with the machine . The combination of CPR and the defib unit kept the man alive until an ambulance arrived. The man was airlifted to the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney for medical treatment, where he remained in a critical but stable condition yesterday.

Holiday Park manager Desiree Archer said the man had been extremely lucky. "It was one of those surreal things. They (the nurses) were just out surfing and were able to come in and help him,” she said. “I’m shocked that the machine was needed so quickly after being given to us.”

Crescent Head Malibu Club president Barry Price said the machine had proved to be a worthwhile investment for the area. "The machine was put on the man and a lot of water gushed out of him, then a pulse was detected and they got his heart going,” he said. “The defib really bounced him back, but the two nurses deserve a medal. They did a fabulous job."

After several fundraisers through the Malibu Club the defibrillator was bought for the Holiday Park and was donated to manager Angus Archer about 9am on Friday. "They have a 24-hour service here so when the surf club is closed and equipment is hard to access we now have another one to use,” Mr Price said. "Logistically it’s a good spot to have it, you can be down there to help someone in the right amount of time. "With two defib units in a square kilometre - it’s a much safer area now.”

Full Story visit The Macleay Argus

Son saves his father's life with a Defibtech Defibrillator - Brimbank Leader

A Keilor Downs father of three wants CPR training to be mandatory in schools - and defibrillators at all sporting clubs - after the quick-thinking actions of his son saved his life.

defibtech defibrillator saves keilor downs father

Full Story visit Brimbank-leader.whereilive.com.au

Defibtech AED helps Law Enforcement Save Two Lives in a Week - AED.com

Officer John O’Neil had an emergency call to a local auto repair store because someone had collapsed from cardiac arrest.  O’Neil quickly arrived and was the first on the scene.  So he used his AED to stabilize the victim until the ambulance arrived.

Now, six months later, O’Neil received a similar call.  Within four minutes he arrived and was once again the first on the scene.  He found 63 year-old, Mary Jane Forte, on her couch with no pulse.  Using the same Defibtech Lifeline View AED he had used to save the last person’s life, he attached the paddles and shocked her whenever the machine instructed him to push the button.  By the time paramedics arrived, they were able to find a heartbeat and Forte only had to spend three days in the hospital.

Only three days before the incident, another officer, Christopher Prell also used his AED to save a man’s life.  He responded to a call and found Charles Davis at his home not breathing and without a pulse.  Prell administered CPR for seven minutes until paramedics arrived and brought Davis to the hospital.  They said the only reason Davis was still alive was because of Prell’s efforts.

Full Story visit AED.com

Hartsville YMCA, Hartsville, SC

The first reported save with a Defibtech AED occurred at the Hartsville YMCA in South Carolina, where a member collapsed during a workout. Another YMCA member was able to successfully rescue the victim despite never having been trained on the Lifeline AED. This YMCA location had purchased the AED only weeks prior to the rescue. They had previously not owned an AED because they could not afford one.

Investment Firm, Dallas, TX

A middle-aged employee at the firm suddenly fell backwards in his office, a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. Coworkers called 911 and retrieved the company's ReviveR AED. One shock was delivered and a full cycle of CPR was performed. By the time EMS arrived, the man's heartbeat had been restored and he was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Trans International, Milwaukee, WI

A man working in his cubicle at Trans International suddenly fell to the floor from cardiac arrest. Colleagues witnessed the collapse and called 911 and retrieved the ReviveR AED. The shock revived the employee, who returned to work within 10 days of the event.

Renaissance Club Sport, Walnut Creek, CA

In the span of just two weeks, this health club used its Defibtech AED twice and saved the lives of two members, 45 and 62 years old.

ARTCO/ADM, Illinois River, IL

A Lifeline AED saved the life of a towboat worker on the Illinois River. The towboat was equipped with a Lifeline AED thanks to the efforts of a distributor who turned to selling Lifeline AEDs after the loss of his 19-year-old daughter to sudden cardiac arrest.

Church, Galmoy, Ireland

A Lifeline AED was used to save the life of a man who collapsed in a church in Galmoy, Ireland, minutes before a funeral service he was attending. The unit shocked the man, who was then rushed to the hospital, where he made a good recovery. The AED had been recently purchased through fundraising efforts of two parishioners.

Cypress Creek YMCA, Houston, TX

A 54-year old man collapsed on the racquetball court. The ReviveR AED was quickly retrieved and a shock was administered. He was conscious when EMS arrived and has since made a full recovery.

Hurricane Creek Country Club, Dallas, TX

A middle-aged man with no history of heart trouble was on the 18th hole of the golf course when he went into sudden cardiac arrest. Members of his foursome called 911 with a cell phone and contacted the clubhouse. Someone from the club shop brought the Defibtech AED to the victim. The first shock — delivered within a few minutes of his collapse — revived him long before EMS arrived.