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Online Workbook to Test your AED Knowledge

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This online familiarisation course provides individuals with the knowledge to enable them to effectively use a Lifeline AED as part of the resuscitation process for a victim who has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Supplied with a username and password, you will gain access to the online learning centre where you can complete questions about 'Getting to know your Defibtech View Defibrillator' and 'About the Victim'. There is the option of pre-reading course content, or as you are going through the questions you can use the 'find the answer' link to check the learning material.

Defibtech Training and Quiz Overview

  1. The chain of survival
  2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
  3. Resuscitation techniques
  4. Safety issues relating to the AED
  5. Maintenance and use of the AED
  6. Perform CPR in line with ARC guidelines

Enjoy the peace of mind of having an overview of your new defibrillator so you are relaxed and ready in case of an emergency.

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Contact Defibtech to enrol into your online familiarisation training on sales@defibtech.com.au.